​Coaching is more than consulting and advising. 

​​Coaching businesses and individuals emphasizes what’s working well and bringing out the best that's already there.

 In both business and individual coaching, we focus on the “bigger picture." Together, we discover what is working best and how to see weaknesses as opportunities for growth. We will envision what the future could be and create a model to plan for positive change.
In simple terms, we help you find and tap into the “strengths from within.”​

Helping organizations and individuals be well

and perform at their best.

​At FIS Consulting, we understand that work and life have become more integrated than ever before. Our main goal is to help create organizational cultures that foster environments where employees are happy, healthy and bring their best selves to work each day. Employees who are well and perform at their best at work are more likely to also be at their best for their families, friends and communities.

​We take a strengths-based approach when helping our clients envision the future they want to see by building on what's currently working well. At FIS, Finding Internal Strengths, we coach organizations as well as individuals to focus on their strengths in order to create positive and lasting change.
Like the seasons in Vermont, change can be amazing. It's all in how we prepare and think about what could be!
Businesses need a vision. We'll provide one along with the steps to create a well culture.​

​In well workplaces, a strong organizational culture is one where employee wellbeing goals are aligned with organizational values, vision and mission.  Powerful leadership and management, emphasis on employee wellbeing and company culture are crucial to employee health, performance and safety.  These together, are recognized as perfect conditions for organizational success where employees have the energy and passion to support not only their own wellbeing, but the wellbeing of their families and their communities at large.



Organizational Culture

Employees who are healthy, well and managing life and work are more likely to bring their best selves to work each day. 

The goal for most businesses, as they continue to position themselves for the future, is to create conditions and a workplace culture that supports employee health from a broad perspective that includes all dimensions of individual wellbeing.

The goal for individuals is to discover equal enjoyment in their work along with other aspects of their lives so as to maintain a healthy equilibrium mentally, psychologically, socially financially, spiritually and physically. 


Organizational Culture

​​Individual Wellbeing

Kasserian Ingera:​ How are the Children?


The powerful Maasai Tribe of East Africa, noted for their rich culture, has a ritualistic greeting, Kasserian Ingera , translated as “How are the Children?” In unison, the response is “the children are well”. In Maasai social structure, the status of the children is held in such high esteem that their well-being is their top priority. 

At FIS Consulting,  we are strong advocates that "children" in the workplace context refers to all of "us." For this reason, we believe in broadening the conversation by evaluating the impact of this new world of work. Are we mindful that we have enough balance and capacity to be at our best for our families, friends and communities, especially the children? 
We invite you to join the conversation.